Who should have a COVID Safe plan?

A question that I have been asked a lot lately is “who should have a COVID Safe plan”?

In most states now, events are recommencing in person. There may still be restrictions around the number of people that can attend and how the event can be run. But it is still an exciting step forward. A COVID Safe plan for your event is a way to help you, your guests and any suppliers who may be assisting with the set up or completion of the event. It helps to keep everyone safe and adhere to government regulations. Without the plan, an event is not permitted to go ahead.

But who should have the plan?

Our ‘personal’ recommendation, meaning we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice, is that you, as the organiser of the event, should definitely have a COVID Safe plan.  There may already be people or businesses within the event that have their own, such as the owners of the venue, caterers and different contractors that are being used on the day, however as the event organiser you show a duty of care to have your own in place as well.

Think of it like this … 

One way to look at it is like an insurance. Do you have public liability insurance? Professional indemnity insurance? Worker’s compensation insurance?

If you need to have a certain type of insurance in place to run your event, then most likely you should also have a COVID Safe plan. The plan is not there just to protect you, it is there to protect your guests and anyone else that is present during the setup, the event itself or the pack up at the end. It is there to keep everyone safe and covered in the unfortunate situation that there is a breach or break out.

What if my venue or suppliers already have one?

If the venue you are hiring or any of the suppliers or contractors needed on the day already have their own plan in place – great! This means that they are also being cautious and adhering to government requirements. They have put in place best-practice for not only delivery of the event, but to protect and keep their own workers safe too. So, in turn you need to be doing the same as part your best-practice. You can’t skip it just because they have their plan.

If all people involved in the planning and execution of the event have plans in place, it will help your guests and staff feel safe and secure when attending, giving them peace of mind

Do you want to be the weak link?

As the event organiser, you should be the strongest link! You’re the person whose name is on the invitation, who is presenting to the audience and bringing all those people together  Making sure that YOUR event is as safe as possible will help to bring attendees, bring reassurance for your guest speakers and ultimately success for the event.

If you do not have a COVID Safe plan in place, while your suppliers and contractors do, it can come across looking like you are the weak link – the person who hasn’t taken the time and effort to ensure safe practices for the event. Do you want to be the responsible party that has not covered their requirements if something goes wrong? Just like with insurances, a COVID Safe plan is there to minimise and mitigate risk and provide cover, as well as guide you and your team on safe practice.

It is also in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the plans of your venue and other contractors. Do they have measures in place that will keep your guests and staff safe when interacting with them?

At Admire Events, we know the importance of planning and being COVID ready. That is why we have gone above and beyond the government requirements, to ensure that we are providing best practices. Not only are we a registered COVID Safe business, but we have also undertaken our statement of attainment in ’comply with infection prevention and control polices and procedures’. On top of this, we have completed the Restaurant & Catering Association COVID Safe hospitality best practices course.

We want to help you achieve a safe and successful event. This is why we now offer a range of partial services meaning you can still engage us to help with your event, even if you don’t need us in the full capacity.

We can assist you in creating your COVID Safe plan, bringing it all together and delivering a safe and successful event. COVID may have changed the way we do a lot of things, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. It just means that you may need to ‘pivot’, re-design and alter your event a little and implement some new methods that could actually enhance the experience for your guests. Your COVID Safe plan may just be a blessing in disguise.

If you need assistance with your next COVID Safe event or plan then book a time with one of our event managers to see how we can help you to create an event that people will Admire!