A peer to peer community for non-profits!

Learn from and be inspired by the big hearts creating non-profit events who aren’t looking for thanks.

We are feeling for the non-profit community at the moment, dealing with their events closed, cancelled, postponed or changed.

An event is often the life blood for these non-profits where they can:

  • Raise much needed funds
  • Build awareness around a problem or cause
  • Educate stakeholders and members, or the general public
  • Bring members or like-minded people together
  • Celebrate achievements and wins, big or small

With limited funds available, it can be difficult to find guidance and support to manage your own non-profit event.

Thankless Hearts is an online Facebook community for non-profits seeking to be surrounded by other non-profits and like-minded people who are managing their own events.

The Thankless Hearts Facebook community provides a safe and secure space to bounce ideas around with other non-profits. Share your wins with those who understand what it takes to achieve success in a non-profit. Market your events to others to gain further traction. And, it’s FREE to be a part of!

We talk through tips, tricks, time saving hacks and financials; we set goals to help keep each other accountable and discuss the all important partnerships and sponsorships that non-profits rely so heavily on.

It might even be worth taking a look out our event mindset mini course which is also free for non-profits.


As some back history on Thankless Hearts, we recorded our initial launch episodes of the Thankless Hearts Podcast in early February 2020.

Upon editing the episodes, in readiness for a March 2020 launch date, COVID-19 impacted much of the events industry and many of the events we’d discussed on the initial podcast episodes were no longer able to proceed.

So, we will be delaying the launch of the podcast until such time that we can appropriately shine the light on the Not-for-Profits who originally recorded their sessions with us.

On the Thankless Hearts Podcast, we had interviewed and guided the big hearts that do the thankless task of creating events to fund and drive support for non-profits- people who run these events, not for their own gain, but to promote awareness, raise funds, educate and inspire others.

We want to support them all the way from concept to their event date and help them spread the word.

The Thankless Hearts Podcast will be on air soon. We hope you will feel inspired and learn how to create your own event to raise funds and awareness about the non-profit near and dear to your heart. 

Each episode features interviews with non-profits in the midst of their event planning.  We talk through their planning, their goals and objectives, help guide them and answer questions on the spot to be sure their event is an ultimate success.

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Who can you expect to hear on the podcast?

  • Hear from a founder who has battled domestic violence, stolen food to feed their family and gone on to launch a not-for-profit with the ethos that food does not go to waste and no one goes hungry. They now provide mini events every week in five locations, feeding those in need, and are dreaming of a big event in the future. We talk through having faith in yourself and the power of a unique story opening doors for your not-for-profit.
  • A non-for-profit Chair breaking through the ceilings of a male dominated industry, beating the drum of the mantra – If you can see her, you can be her! After launching their very first Conference in 2019 they were overwhelmed with the response. We talk through their plans for the future and how structure can be brought quickly and effectively to your event goals, and align your committee.
  • One thing in life is inevitable – at some point our time shall end. Creating a completely fresh take on the bereavement process, we speak with a Funeral Director of a not-for-profit funeral home who is transforming their industry with an approach that the service offers choice and transparency in delivering personalised, meaningful and affordable funerals for everyone. Holding four to eight funerals per week, each an event in their own right, they also give grieving families the opportunity to come together once a year and celebrate their loved ones together. An interesting and truly unique conversation on this podcast episode.
  • We speak with the President of a Registered Charity who has suffered through a lifelong disease. A diagnosis at the age of 11 years old that rocked her family, planted the seed to create a Charity, supporting families who find themselves in a similar situation, advocating for streamlined medical treatment and approach across the nation. We talk through what it takes to live with a medical condition and still have the time and energy to drive change for the benefit of others. Relying heavily on donations, we speak about building momentum with a start up event.

These and so many more heart-warming stories are going to be coming your way very soon. Hear directly from those at the forefront of creating positive change in this world with their non-profit ventures while their events are at the very heart of making that happen. Sign up now to be notified of the release of each podcast episode.