Event Essentials – More strategic / getting bigger

Event essentials

Our ‘event essentials’ pack is perfect for the first time you run an event or the event is growing each year, and you’re not exactly sure how to go about setting up the foundational elements.

We will develop for you the core documents you are going to need to make your event safe and successful.

  • Setting event objectives
  • Key milestone timeline
  • Budget (incl. three forecast scenarios)
  • Sponsorship prospectus
  • Assist with your COVID Safe plan

Then we’ll provide you with some guidance on your marketing and supplier engagement so you can confidently continue the planning journey on your own.

  • Marketing strategies identified
  • Supplier engagement top tactics shared
  • Venue finding*
  • Event socials**

*Subject to event suitability and may attract a commission from the venue **Optional extra, if required

If you want to keep us by your side a little longer, why not pick an additional package? We recommend combining with the Event Coach option

If this sounds perfect for you, book a timewith our Event Manager for more information.

Event coach

Your head is whirling with the possibilities. Your passion is high. You’re excited, you’re spinning your wheels, but not too sure you’re getting much traction with your action.


  • Let us get you strategic with your approach
  • Let us take that overwhelm down a notch
  • Let us move your event planning forward in the right direction

Your own personal Event Coach will provide advice, direction and accountability to keep you on track to ensure:

  • Your event remains on schedule
  • Your planning is on time
  • Your event is on budget
  • You enjoy event success!

Chat with one of our Event Managers if you would like assistance and guidance. Simply book a time to speak here.

Often Event Essentials is the best place to start and we can continue coaching you once your foundational elements are set. Talk through this option with your Event Manager.

Event socials

You have your event up and running, you have your audience following you on socials, but you still need to:

  • Remain consistently active on social media
  • Promote your event
  • Highlight your presenter, sponsors and program
  • Tick the boxes in honouring your sponsors’ and partners’ promotional posts

It might feel like it’s a lot – it is!

The posting is just the half of it though.

Let us take on this huge task and become an add on to your team. Here’s how we can make your life easier:

  • Work with you on a strategy
  • Create the graphics (or even the videos) to go with your posts
  • Draft content to drip out in the lead up to your event
  • Post to multiple social media channels (think here Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Understand your requirements to sponsors and partners, and ensure you are delivering on your promise
  • Develop a communication plan to your committee and/or key stakeholders to help encourage them to share, comment and like your posts
  • Report on social traction. You’ll need to share this information with your sponsors, key stakeholders and committee/board

If you would like us to help you be more visible on socials and streamline your socials process, simply book a time to speak with an Event Manager.

Event delivery

Have you been planning your own event for several years and now just need to duplicate yourself (or maybe even have ten of you) once you get onsite to deliver the event?

Here are the tell-tale signs of needing to duplicate yourself:

  • You’re stressed to the max and can feel your anxiety levels rising at the thought of event day coming around
  • You feel all alone and no one else, even if they are helping, really understands what you are going through
  • You are up all night onsite and the first one back up again in the morning
  • You set up and pack down mostly by yourself (maybe with some help, but they still need instructions)
  • You struggle to be in one location, as you know you should be setting up the next area where your attendees will soon be

We’ve once been you! We’ve also tried to be the helping hand. You know what though? If you don’t offload some of that knowledge in your head beforehand, anyone, even our experienced Event Managers, can’t give you the best support that you really need.

Our onsite delivery package looks like this

  • You share everything with us – supplier contracts, runsheets, briefings
  • We get across all of your planning documentation between six to eight weeks out
  • We meet with you (via Zoom) for an hour each week, for the six weeks leading up to the event
  • In the final two weeks we join you (via Zoom) on your final supplier briefings
  • We hit the ground running once we are onsite
  • You relax knowing we are already across the detail, are highly experienced and we want your event to be a success

If you’ve held the same event multiple times and want to chat through some options to take the pressure off you (and not have to duplicate yourself) then book a call with us.