Swipe Central – Managing your own event (can’t really afford any help)

Are you stuck on where to start with managing your own event? Or maybe you want to take away a bit of the overwhelm by getting some help, but you have a really tight budget?

There are many components to any event, no matter how big or small. And when you feel like you need to be doing “all those things” to bring your event together, it can be stressful.

You need to be:

  • Managing budgets
  • Sourcing income and sponsorship, as well as getting attendees
  • Managing expectations
  • Posting on social media every five minutes
  • Leading the way on the event logistics and delivery
  • Wowing all your stakeholders and attendees
  • Running a COVID Safe event

When Admire Events started over five years ago, we would handle all the components to manage our clients’ events on their behalf. That was the way the events industry had always done things, so we were doing it that way too.

What we quickly realised was that budgets varied, resources, whether they be human or technological, also varied, as did the level of experience from the client’s “event organiser”. Not all of our clients had the budget for an entire event service and many, being non-profits, were also looking to raise funds for a better cause, not spend money on delivering the event.

But we still wanted to help – not turn people away or leave them feeling stressed out! Our clients were diverse, so we needed to have diverse offerings. What could we still do to make their lives a little easier while they got on managing their own events?

Enter ‘Swipe Central’!

Swipe Central is a an ever-evolving hub with a stream of consistent new offerings. Event organisers are welcome to come along and “swipe” files or do mini courses while continuing the planning of their event, and do what they know how to do best.

Elevate your event sponsorship

Mini course for online or face to face events

  • Check your mindset is ready for negotiation (don’t underestimate the power of this step)
  • Learn about the “Golden Circle” that creates the easy flow of how you need to start each and every potential sponsor conversation
  • Understand that there are only two types of sponsorship and only two ways you can go about getting it
  • Create yourself a sponsorship bullseye that will have you feeling confident about securing your sponsors in no time

BONUS! You’ll receive practical worksheets for each of the four modules so you can follow along with the training videos.

You can also add on two sessions with an Event Manager for 45 minutes each if you still feel that sponsorship is overwhelming.

129 social media graphics

  • 129 unique graphics, covering early bird notices, registration, nomination and submission countdowns from six weeks out, plus handy event reminders and prompts of everything you need to communicate to your delegates and more!
  • All graphics are available in a range of six different simplistic and easy to read styles.
  • That’s 774 unique graphics and they can be supplied in both JPEG and PNG formats, totalling 1,548 pre made graphics for your Facebook and social media posts
  • We’ve done all the thinking for you

Don’t worry – we’ll also tell you all about Canva so you can add your branding to these posts for free!

P.S. Check out our blog on the importance of language.

10 simple social media posts

  • Text content for ten posts
  • Swap your event name, tweak, then load to Facebook
  • Time saving standard templates for everything you need to remember to say
  • Plus, we’ll throw in ten Facebook graphics to accompany your posts

BONUS! You will receive ten accompanying graphics in six different combinations allowing you to pick the best option to complement your brand and event.

We’ll teach you how to pre-load these posts into Facebook so you can set and forget!

P.S. Check out our blog on the importance of language.

FREE Hybrid Event Case Study

How to bring your next event to life with the best COVID Safe practices.

The Event Case Study takes a look at how the NSW Rotary Emergency Services Community Awards (RESCA) re-designed their event to deliver a
collective attendance of 230 people across nine face to face events, ranging from Casino in the North, to Mollymook in the South and out West to Dubbo. 

Family and friends of Award finalists were also able to tune in as the event was streamed to the RESCA Facebook page, enabling everyone to celebrate at the same time.

The case study, originally took place on 1 December 2020 in a face to face event, was recorded and now available to watch on demand – just like Netflix!

FREE Non-profit mindset challenge

Being part of a non-profit, volunteer or paid, can be tough. There are unique challenges for any non-profit and it takes an entirely different mindset to stick with your goals. Throw COVID-19 into it and there’s a whole heap of challenges to deal with on top of the usual!

This online mini challenge will look at the mindset needed to succeed in a non-profit when planning events.

What’s covered in this brief, but effective, 30 minute challenge?

  • Switch your mindset to “success” for your non-profit event
  • Make sure your event never runs at a loss
  • Set objectives to avoid losing money
  • Streamline the decision making of your committee for ALL of your event planning