Our Story

Admire Events has evolved into an award winning event management company whose team have spent a significant portion of their careers working working across a multitude of sectors – corporate, government and Not-for-Profit.

Admire Events was founded in November 2014 when Director, Alison Jack, was looking for the best ways to utilise her skills gained in the event management sector and juggle her career with a then one year old son. With a focus on ensuring the company was set up to make it possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection, Admire Events has the versatility of working with anyone, anywhere in the world through powerful cloud based systems, virtual meetings, file sharing and project planning tools.

Selecting the name ‘Admire’ was easy. Alison had already worked with some great people within the events industry and, similar to most career stories, had also learned “what not to do”, rather than best practice.

According to the dictionary, Admire is to “regard with respect” and that is how we feel our clients, suppliers and colleagues should be treated when producing any event. Bringing together an event takes the work of numerous people and when collaborating together, it is vital that everyone is “regarded with respect” to deliver an event where all involved can “Admire”.

In 2018, a decision was made to start breaking down our services, expanding on the traditional ‘done for you’ business model, allowing event organisers of all types, to access the event management assistance they needed. Our offering is now “three tiers of service options” and we have since been able to assist some very skilled Executive Assistants who have been given the task of delivering an event on top of their usual duties, allowing them to better use their time on ‘business as usual’. We have been able to bolster their existing knowledge, and expand their team in the critical final six weeks leading into the event.

We are also particularly passionate about serving those who serve others. People who run events, not for their own gain, but to promote awareness, raise funds, educate, and inspire others, are our type of people. We want to support these people all the way from concept to event delivery, helping them spread the word about the causes they support.

And 2020! What a year for the events industry! However, we used this time to learn about new and effective ways to deliver events while considering the impacts of COVID-19; how we can continue to liaise with our clients and how we can advise them and work with them to still deliver the event they want to showcase to their audiences (in the safest way).

How do we do this?

We break down our services to make event support accessible to everyone irrespective of who they are, where they come from or what their budget is.

Check out our services page on how we make this possible for everyone to gain support!

Fun facts about the team

  • We are at large tea drinkers
  • There is an average of 80% of our event careers supporting non-profits
  • Blue is our collective favourite colour
  • In our careers, three people is the smallest event we’ve run
  • 55,000 people for one day is the largest event a staff member has worked on
  • Zero is the number of non-profit events under our management that have lost money
  • We like wine, massages, yoga and camping
  • The number one thing that is most important to all of us is family
  • Multiple staff would like to travel to Antarctica

For more information on how we can work together please visit our services page.

Without Alison’s calm approach, knowledge, depth of experience and her willingness to work with us step by step we would not have been able to present our recent conference at the professional level we did.


Chair of a charity in women’s health running a two-day patient centric conference

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