We have a service level to cater to every need and experience

Whether you are planning your event yourself or wish to engage a ‘done for you’ approach to your event management, we can ensure you have the best support and resources for your event. Maybe you are looking to deliver your event differently by hosting a hybrid or virtual event in order to reach a larger audience, but don’t know where to start with this, or what it will look like.

We know the world of events has changed significantly with the impacts of COVID-19 becoming a part of our everyday life, and our team at Admire Events have undergone specific training; our business is a registered COVID Safe business and we can help you maintain the professionalism in this area that your guests would expect.

Events look different now, and need to be delivered in different ways. But event teams have also changed, along with the skillsets required within them. We can provide a range of effective solutions or suggest some different delivery options (such as a live broadcast to multiple satellite locations) and ensure your event management is stress-free.

If you are just starting out and need some clarity around developing your event strategy, why not swipe our strategy documents, templates, social media graphics and posts, or sign up for our mini courses? That’s easy – no problem at all!! Check out our Swipe Central option.

Our Event Essentials start-up package can lay some great foundations for your first time event, or to continue managing your own event, whether it be a face to face or virtual. We can also assist in developing a more strategic approach or an add-on to your event team.

Or maybe you’ve run your event numerous times and are a complete wizard at it, but you simply need support onsite because there is only one of you. Our Entire Admire package might be the one for you.

Book a time to talk with our Event Manager so we can find the best solutions to support you, your team and your event. Or read more about our packages here.