Elevate your event sponsorship


Running an event comes with many different tasks to do. There is forever a checklist to look at and tick off. Whether it is an event for educational purposes, charity or business – there are always ways to help you bring confidence and cheer to the event. Many events nowadays will have sponsorship attached to them. These sponsorship’s may be monetary, they may provide assistance in the event or provide free goods to give to the guests. Sponsorship is an important part of an event and can help to make it a success. More than ever, given our current climate, having sponsors for your event is important. They not only show your capability of collaboration and partnerships, but can help to secure your event financially, bring in guests and make it a huge success. But how do you get sponsorship’s? Let us help you “elevate your event sponsorship”.

Don’t just go for the high spenders

You don’t need the biggest and best little black book in order to gain sponsorship for your event. And looking for sponsors for your event doesn’t mean going straight to the businesses that you know have a lot of money to throw around. 

If you are not well versed in asking for sponsors or you simply don’t have a lot of contacts to go through, don’t fret. Finding the right person or business doesn’t mean finding the one with the most money. 

Look for those who align with your cause

There are probably dozens of people or businesses you can ask to help sponsor your event. And you would probably get a lot of them saying yes. However, will they be the right fit? Rather than asking anyone and everyone, why not focus on those who you know understand your cause and what you are trying to achieve. And those who will also be proud to be associated with your cause. 

By reaching out to these people, you are more likely to find those who align with your vision and cause. These are the people and organisations you want.  

Be confident in yourself and your cause

If you are getting in contact with people about potentially sponsoring your event, they will want to know more about what it is they are sponsoring. Before you get on the phone or start sending out emails, stop and look at what it is you are trying to achieve.  

You know best what your cause is. By being able to confidently talk about your cause, your reasons behind it and what you want to achieve, you are more likely to get people on board. 

They will want to see and feel your confidence. Your passion. And your drive to make it all come together. 

By doing this, you will also be able to find those who are on the same page as you and want to help you achieve the goals. 

Find out sponsorship terms

When you think about a sponsorship, it is a good idea to think of it more as a partnership – something that two parties are entering in to and will benefit from.  

When reaching out to potential sponsors, take the time to find out what they would like to achieve from the event as well. 

It may be that they simply want to help you and have their name somewhere in the promotional material. They may want a person from their company at the event to speak or want to have more involvement around the running of the event. Or being involved in this event may create valuable storytelling for them to communicate to their audiences. 

Before agreeing to any sponsors, you need to ensure that it is a partnership that will not only benefit both parties but will actually work favourably for you both as well.  

Creating security

Sponsorships are a great way to not only get your event to be more successful, but will also give you a sense of security around the event and it going ahead. If you are not charging entry fees to the event, it can be daunting thinking about how you are going to afford to make it all happen. And even if you do have a ticket fee, guests quite often leave it until the last minute to purchase, creating additional unrest. A monetary sponsor can help alleviate these concerns and provide the confidence to get the event moving forward. 

Take your time in the process. Speak to a number of different businesses and find the ones that are going to help build your event up and bring in the success you are looking for. 

Remember, your event is your domain. Letting sponsorships in does not mean you are giving it away to someone else. It means you are making it even greater and more successful, showing that others also support and believe in your cause and that you are open to valuable collaborations.

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