Ready for Plan B?

Changes are upon us all the time so now more than ever you need a Plan B. COVID is still being predictably unpredictable and this is contributing to uncertainty and the need for forward thinking. You may have a robust COVID Safe Plan but does your event have a Plan B?

Elevate your event sponsorship

Running an event comes with many different tasks to do. There is forever a checklist to look at and tick off. Whether it is an event for educational purposes, charity or business – there are always ways to help you bring confidence and cheer to the event. Many events nowadays will have sponsorship attached to […]

Importance of the language we use

They say actions speak louder than words! Yet in business, we rely very much on written language to connect with our audiences, build our relationships and instill trust and commitment with our clients. So how do we get our message across, in the right way, when we are relying on written communication? People on the other […]

How to A.C.E. your next event

2020, for the events industry, has been a year to remember. Or forget – depending on how you look at it. Throughout the year there have been shut downs, restrictions and a lot of uncertainty. Many businesses have had to pivot and change how they do things in order to continue. We have seen events […]

Who should have a COVID Safe plan?

A question that I have been asked a lot lately is “who should have a COVID Safe plan”? In most states now, events are recommencing in person. There may still be restrictions around the number of people that can attend and how the event can be run. But it is still an exciting step forward. […]

Emergency service personnel honoured – COVID Safe, hybrid style!

After six years of a face to face award ceremony for Emergency Services Community personnel, and with emergency services having faced one of their most challenging years, it just wasn’t on the cards to let their Award Recognition events “not happen” in 2020. With the events industry crumbled to its knees back in mid-March, swift […]