How to A.C.E. your next event


2020, for the events industry, has been a year to remember. Or forget – depending on how you look at it.

Throughout the year there have been shut downs, restrictions and a lot of uncertainty. Many businesses have had to pivot and change how they do things in order to continue. We have seen events cancelled, numbers reduced to adhere to restrictions and events moved into the online space.

In 2021, are you going to be ready? Will you be able to continue with your events? Can you afford for your event to not go ahead?

Know Your Event Purpose

When planning, to keep your motivation and drive there is one thing you need to remember.

The purpose.

Every event has a purpose behind it. The why. The reason you want to get people together. Knowing and understanding your purpose can help you to bring it all together. You are more likely to be motivated and want to put on a successful event if you are aware of what it is for and how it will benefit those attending.

We have found that most events will fall into one, if not more of the following categories. Advocate. Celebrate. Educate. – so you can ACE your event. Reconnecting with your purpose, will help you to push for success.

To Advocate

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Does your organisation stand for a purpose? Are you passionate about helping people, offering support and sharing your advocacy with others who may also resonate with your cause?

Whether it’s to raise funds, create additional awareness or increase supporters, an event is a great way to combine people who share similar values. It also provides a platform to showcase real-life stories and “feel” the emotion.

When you look at the purpose of your event, are you there to inform people? To give them a better understanding and a better chance? To fight for something? Advocating for a cause whether it be fundraising or better conditions, is a purpose worth remembering.

Your event may be held to help increase awareness or to raise funds for a certain cause. Advocating and bringing awareness can be done through many different platforms including an event. If you are advocating through your event, it shows your strength, determination and willingness.

Reconnecting with this purpose and the why behind it can help you to keep your motivation and drive during difficult times.

To Celebrate

Everyone loves a celebration. However, in event that includes celebration does not necessarily mean it has to be a party or a wedding. Celebration through events can include the celebrating of bringing people together for a likeminded cause or activity, recognising achievements, celebrating successes, individually or for groups or situations.

Celebration is a beautiful reason for an event and an opportunity to make an event beautiful. It is a happy and joyous time for those being celebrated and can evoke many positive emotions.  Your event can be the occasion that brings people together to enjoy the celebration of their family, friends or peers.

To Educate

Are you an industry leader? A subject matter expert? There are many different types of events that take place and sharing your skills, experiences or training through an event is just one type. Events that educate people and give them a chance to better themselves are ones that bring happiness, pride and success. The purpose of your event may not be to get huge numbers, but to connect with those who can benefit from your expertise or share knowledge in the same space. It also provides an opportunity to build a relationship with you.

Educating others is an important life skill to have. This is a strong moral purpose and when planning your event, remember this. Remember that you are helping others, imparting information and allowing your guests to understand more about what they are interested in.

Moving your event forward

After the year that we have had, there are still many uncertainties around the delivery of events in 2021. Are you ready? Is your event, whether it be to advocate, celebrate or educate, ready for 2021? Or are you still a little unsure how to execute it in a safe and professional manner, in line with new health guidelines.

It is important to slow down and remember why you are doing what you are doing. Give yourself a chance to reconnect with your event. Reconnect with the why, the how and the what. Give yourself a chance to celebrate your event before it even happens.

At Admire Events, we know it was a hard year. We too have had to  re-think how we do things and are excited about our three different levels of services options. We have done this so we can help you bring together a successful event.

Our partial services options, the mid-level, means that even if you do not need us for your end to end management, we can help in a smaller or medium size capacity. Book a time to speak to an event manager – we can help in the areas that you still need assistance in.

Let us help you reconnect with your event, bring it together and for it to be a success. You deserve it after all.

You can A.C.E. your event, no matter what the reason!